Overheard in the Common Room

“Quick! Have an intellectual Classics discussion so we can blog about it!”

(I think this really ought to be the new RG motto)

Post your own ‘Overheard in the Common Room’ (or in the faculty/street/wherever) quotes in the comments! If I overhear enough myself, I’ll make this a regular series – users of the grad common room, you have been warned/issued with a challenge…

Author: Anna P. Judson

Classics researcher at Cambridge

2 thoughts on “Overheard in the Common Room”

  1. Obviously I think this is completely unrepresentative of the calibre of conversation to be found in the common room. Although I was once involved in trying to find a working definition of a ‘hipster’ in relation to ‘overworked grad student who likes caffeine and is generally fond of wacky clothes’… Vital intellectual investigation there!


  2. well of course, that’s an extremely important definition to establish! But yes, I fear I may have inadvertently given the wrong impression of common room conversations. Fortunately I think the posters which will soon be appearing around the Faculty will completely correct this.


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