6 thoughts on “Over-seen on the internet”

  1. To give Google Translate its due, though, this has resulted in me knowing two Romanian words I would never otherwise have learned…’liber’ = ‘free’ (which is what you get if you press ‘translate’ – Free I, Free II, Free III… and ‘cartea’ = ‘book’ (which I just looked up out of curiosity, to see what ‘book’ was if it wasn’t ‘liber’!)

    Clearly this is actually an internet conspiracy to get more classicists learning Eastern European languages…


  2. Word just had a similar fail, recognising the first two lines of this bit of Plautus as Italian, the next two as French, and the final one as Italian again:

    hi saltem in occultis locis prostrant, uos in foro ipso;
    uos faenori, hi male suadendo et lustris lacerant homines.
    rogitationes lurumas propter uos populus sciuit,
    quas uos rogatas rumpitis: aliquam reperitis rimam;
    quasi aquam feruentem frigidam esse, ita uos putatis leges.


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