Caecilius est in metro?

I feel I have to share my recent discovery (sadly made via the internet rather than in person) that Wallsend Metro Station in Newcastle has bilingual signage in English and Latin:

Image from Wikipedia

It also has pictures of “Romanised” local shops, of which the one of the Job Centre labelled “Forum Venalicium” – “slave market” – seems to be the most popular.


Author: Anna P. Judson

Classics researcher at Cambridge

9 thoughts on “Caecilius est in metro?”

  1. I first heard about this some time ago. It’d be neat to go and see it in person, although I’m not sure if I can justify taking a long train journey to Newcastle just to see some Latin metro signs…


    1. There are plenty of other things to do in Newcastle as well. Also Durham is nearby, and once you’ve gone that far north you might as well go on to Edinburgh. Alternatively, you could decide to walk/cycle the length of Hadrian’s Wall. That way you’d *have* to go to Wallsend, by definition.


        1. Some day I’ll get around to wandering up there…and please do! Don’t forget the university motto on the Mill Lane gate…


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