Graduate Interdisciplinary Seminar – 18/10/2013

The first GIS of 2013-14 got the year off to a good (and very interdisciplinary!) start. First up was Laura Viidebaum with a paper on “Rhetorical Performance”. After a suitably rhetorical but wholly unnecessary apologia for her lack of oratorical skill, Laura told us about her investigation of ancient statements about performance as a feature of rhetoric, particularly the issue of character portrayal (ἠθοποιία); she discussed the ways in which various ancient authors use this term, and its particular importance in Lysias’ rhetoric. Continue reading “Graduate Interdisciplinary Seminar – 18/10/2013”

The Cambridge Greek Play 2013: Prometheus & The Frogs

If you haven’t already been to the Cambridge Greek Play – a double bill of Prometheus and The Frogs – or bought tickets for today’s or tomorrow’s performance, then before you read this review – STOP, and book your tickets now, because everyone ought to go to see this!

Done that? OK, you can read on now.*

Continue reading “The Cambridge Greek Play 2013: Prometheus & The Frogs”