Some start-of-term news

Just a quick post with a few things I wanted to share for the start of term! Firstly, a couple of posts over on the Cambridge Classics graduate blog, Res Gerendae: some handy tips for new PhD students (mostly just as relevant to students in other universities!), and an exciting exhibition that’s currently on in the Faculty’s Cast Gallery (but finishing on October 15th). By the way, I encourage any readers who haven’t checked out Res Gerendae yet to do so – it has a lot of great posts on a huge range of topics, and I’m sure there are many more interesting posts to come this term! (Any new Cambridge classics grads reading this – I also encourage you to sign up to write for RG – see my previous post on why this is a useful and fun thing to do!)

Secondly, I’m giving a few talks this term that may be of interest to Cambridge-based readers. First up, this Wednesday (Oct. 12th) will be the first in a series of Mycenaean Seminars focusing on the undeciphered Cretan script, Linear A – it’s a double bill of Sarah Finlayson on the archaeological and historical context of the script’s use, and me on the nature of the script and the types of documents it’s found on (details here).

I’m also giving a paper to the Cambridge Philological Society on Nov. 3rd based on my PhD research, entitled ‘The undeciphered signs of Linear B: a new methodological approach to decipherment’ (details here). Linear B was deciphered, and shown to be writing an early form of the Greek language, in 1952, but we still can’t actually read about one-sixth of the script’s signs – for more on why this is and how we might be able to make some progress towards deciphering these remaining signs, come along to the talk!

Finally, fans of Mycenopoly may like to know that on Oct. 22nd I’m giving a talk about the background to the game and how I created it at ExiliCon, a ‘convention of creative geekery’ (to quote its website). Expect crafts, fantasy and sci-fi books, and plenty of board games to view, play, and buy, as well as some very interesting sounding talks (not just mine!) – details here. Hope to see some of you there!

Author: Anna P. Judson

Classics researcher at Cambridge

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