New book – Understanding Relations Between Scripts

I’m very pleased to announce the publication of a conference held here in Cambridge a couple of years ago on ‘Understanding Relations 2017-07-29 17.14.09Between Scripts: The Aegean Writing Systems’. It’s edited by my colleague Pippa Steele, and features chapters on a wide range of topics relating to the writing systems used in prehistoric Crete (Cretan Hieroglyphic, Linear A, and Linear B) and Cyprus (Cypro-Minoan, Cypriot Syllabic). I have a chapter in it looking at various issues to do with the development of the Linear B script; equally importantly, there’s a picture of the conference cake I made!

New Doc 2017-07-29_1

The book can be ordered from Oxbow Books (and at the time of writing is still on pre-publication special offer!) – for any interested readers, here’s the table of contents:

Chapter 1. Introduction: the Aegean writing systems
Philippa M. Steele
Chapter 2. Another beginning’s end: secondary script formation in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean
Silvia Ferrara
Chapter 3. Cretan ‘Hieroglyphic’ and the nature of script
Roeland P.-J.E. Decorte
Chapter 4. Linear B script and Linear B administrative system – different patterns in their development
Helena Tomas
Chapter 5. Reconstructing the matrix of the ‘Mycenaean’ literate administrations
Vassilis Petrakis
Chapter 6. From Linear B to Linear A: the problem of the backward projection of sound values
Philippa M. Steele and Torsten Meißner
Chapter 7. Processes of script adaptation and creation in Linear B: the evidence of the ‘extra’ signs
Anna P. Judson
Chapter 8. Script comparison in the investigation of Cypro-Minoan
Miguel Valério
Chapter 9. Is there anything like a Cypro-Minoan 3 script?
Yves Duhoux
Chapter 10. Script and language on Cyprus during the Geometric Period: an overview on the occasion of two new inscriptions
Markus Egetmeyer

Author: Anna P. Judson

Classics researcher at Cambridge

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