Pithos (large storage jar) at the palace of Malia, Crete

I’m an Assistant Professor (Teaching) in the Department of Classics & Ancient History at the University of Durham – that means I have a teaching-focused role, mainly teaching classical Greek and Latin language and literature.

I’m also a researcher specialising in studying the Linear B texts – clay tablets from the Mycenaean palaces of Late Bronze Age Greece and Crete (c.1400-1200 BCE), used for administrative records (mainly lists of people, animals, and goods). The language of these texts is an early form of Greek; ‘Linear B’ is what we call the writing system (which is unrelated to the later Greek alphabet).

After doing my PhD in Classics at the University of Cambridge, I held a Research Fellowship at Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge, from 2016-2020. From 2020-2022, I held a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship at the British School at Athens, with a project called “Writing At Pylos: palaeography, tablet production,and the work of the Mycenaean scribes” (funded by the EU’s Horizon 20202 programme, grant no. 885977). You can find all my posts about this project here.

As well as my research and other aspects of Classics, linguistics, and archaeology, I blog about books, museums, travel, and cake. Especially about cake.

For open-access copies of my publications, click here.

You can contact me via the comments on this blog, on Twitter @annapjudson, or via the contact form below.

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