Graduate Interdisciplinary Seminar – 29.11.2013

This week’s GIS was a special session for MPhils and 1st-year PhDs to give short presentations about their proposed thesis topics – because two subjects in an hour and a half just didn’t seem like enough, so why not have six? The talks ranged over Greek and Latin literature, archaeology, and linguistics, with some lively discussion and feedback following each one.  Continue reading “Graduate Interdisciplinary Seminar – 29.11.2013”

Graduate Interdisciplinary Seminar – 01/11/2013

Claire Jackson started off this week’s GIS with a paper on ‘Ancient Fiction and Forgery in Antonius Diogenes’. After explaining some of the problems with studying the concept of ‘fiction’ in the ancient world, she looked specifically at Antonius Diogenes’ novel τα ὑπὲρ Θούλην ἀπίστια (‘The Unbelievable Things Beyond Thule’ – Thule being a semi-mythical land located somewhere to the north of Europe), which survives only in fragments and a plot summary by Photius. This summary reveals the strategies used by the author to present the novel as ‘documentary’, backed up by authentic sources, but simultaneously to undermine that status by referring to these claims as false.

Continue reading “Graduate Interdisciplinary Seminar – 01/11/2013”

Graduate Interdisciplinary Seminar – 18/10/2013

The first GIS of 2013-14 got the year off to a good (and very interdisciplinary!) start. First up was Laura Viidebaum with a paper on “Rhetorical Performance”. After a suitably rhetorical but wholly unnecessary apologia for her lack of oratorical skill, Laura told us about her investigation of ancient statements about performance as a feature of rhetoric, particularly the issue of character portrayal (ἠθοποιία); she discussed the ways in which various ancient authors use this term, and its particular importance in Lysias’ rhetoric. Continue reading “Graduate Interdisciplinary Seminar – 18/10/2013”