My Museum Favourite: The Siege of Troy

In this week’s Museum Favourite, Anna Judson ventures outside the Faculty to see a pair of paintings in the Fitzwilliam Museum.

In the Fitzwilliam’s medieval-Renaissance Italian art gallery you can find these two paintings depicting episodes from the Siege of Troy: the Death of Hector and the Wooden Horse.

The Death of Hector (Fitzwilliam Museum M.44)
The Death of Hector (Fitzwilliam Museum M.44)
The Wooden Horse (Fitzwilliam Museum M.45)
The Wooden Horse (Fitzwilliam Museum M.45)

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My Museum Favourite: a Syracusan coin

George Watson explains why a replica of a Syracusan coin is his Museum Favourite from the Cast Gallery.

One of the less well known of the cast gallery’s holdings is a collection of electrotypes* of Greek coins. Amongst this pretty little set, my favourites have to be the decadrachms of Syracuse: large silver coins of about 35mm diameter struck in the Sicilian city in the late 5th century BC. I don’t normally find coins all that pretty (despite being a numismatist!), but these are real miniature masterpieces.


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My Museum Favourite: the Belvedere Torso

Ruth Allen, our Graduate Museum Rep, explains why the Belvedere Torso is her Museum Favourite from the Cast Gallery.

The Belvedere TorsoDepicting just the torso and upper legs of a male figure seated on a rock, the Belvedere Torso is a remarkable fragment of classical sculpture. Although fractured, what remains is a powerful evocation of masculine physicality: the broad shoulders, the colossal chest with its rippling muscles, those mighty legs; the sheer mass of this body is breathtaking. It truly is a tour de force of ancient sculpture.

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My Museum Favourite

Cast Gallery

Over the last two years, the University of Cambridge Museums have been running a series entitled ‘My Museum Favourite’, in which members of staff blog about their favourite museum objects. This year, it’s Res Gerendae’s turn to invite students, staff and visitors to share their favourite objects from the Museum of Classical Archaeology, aka the Cast Gallery, with us.

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