Videos & podcasts

How to make a Linear B tablet (video and worksheet)/Πώς να φτιάξετε μία πινακίδα σε Γραμμική Β (βίντεο και ασκήσεις) (British School at Athens, June 2022)

Scribal training in Mycenaean Pylos (British School at Athens Upper House Seminar, May 2022)

Temple Tales: Olympia & Eleusis in Myth and Reality (podcast with Michael Loy for the British School at Athens, June 2021)

Mycenopoly spotlight talk (Women’s Classical Committee UK, July 2020)

Conversing the Classics: Linear B (Classical Youth Society of Ireland podcast, Jan 2019)

The VIEWS project

Visual Interactions in Early Writing Systems

Hadrian's Wall CA

Classics and Community in the North of England

Danny L. Bate

A Linguist

Sportula Europe

Solidarity, not charity

Retrospect Journal



CUCD Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion

Peopling the Past

Real People in the Ancient World and the People who Study Them

Along these lines ... by Debs Thorpe

Teaching Classics and Ancient History in HE

CUCD Education Committee Blog

Ann Kennedy Smith

Cambridge Ladies' Dining Society 1890-1914

Mixed up in Classics

Inclusive pedagogy and diverse book reviews by a queer classicist of colour

All for National Archaeological Museum Athens

Maintained by Director Emerita Dr. Maria Lagogianni-Georgakarakos

Caveat Lector: Reading Ancient Rome

What have the Romans ever done for us?

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